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Battle: Web Storage Space v. Local Hard Drive Space
Aug 29, 2011
Best Cloud Providers

Here’s the deal: computer hard drives crash, but even the best web storage space providers have limitations. So what is best for storing your files, locally on your computer or [...]


Web Storage Space: How Much Do You Need?
Aug 25, 2011
Web Storage Space

So you’ve got too much information – literally! You need a safe place to store it all, a place that has enough space to handle massive amounts of data. Web [...]


School’s In with the Best Back To School Gadgets
Aug 10, 2011
Best Back to School Gadgets

Fileblaze knows good gadgets – that’s why we put together the top ten best back to school gadgets for students of all ages. Being the smart kid in school may [...]

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Music Production Basics for Mixing on a Budget
Aug 8, 2011
Music Production Basics for Mixing on a Budget

Everyone secretly wants to be a music producer. What can we say? Blame it on Diddy and Dre. The truth is that more and more artists with a little ambition [...]


What is Intellectual Property Law and Why Does it Matter to Me?
Aug 3, 2011
What is intellectual property law?

Before you go sampling someone’s beat, copying a pretty picture on the Internet or writing someone else’s funny story, you need to know that there’s always the risk of someone [...]