Copyright Infringers BEWARE: Google Says You Have 24 Hours To Get Out Of Town…or Else.
Dec 3, 2010

Google Dec. 2 said it plans to improve its copyright and piracy protection procedures, including processing copyright take down requests for content within 24 hours.

The search engine said it is building tools to improve the submission process to make it easier for rights holders to submit Digital Millennium Copyright Act take down requests for Google products, beginning with Web search and Blogger.

These tools, which will roll out in 2011, will help reduce Google’s response time to 24 hours or less.

This expediency was born out of necessity. Google’s long-running copyright infringement case with Viacom, which sued Google and YouTube for gross copyright infringement.

Google won a summary judgment versus Viacom in the case in June from a court that claimed YouTube was protected under safe harbor provisions in the DMCA.

While YouTube has adjusted to pull content quickly thanks to a Content ID system that identifies unauthorized clips as they are uploaded and let rights-holders take them down immediately there is currently no rapid removal process in Google search results.

Here’s what’s in store for youse bad apples who plague the 1 trillion unique URLs on the web and more than 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.:

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