The plan to save us from the scourges of the internet faileds, Good try though..
Apr 28, 2011

One day I went to one of my favorite sites that illegally posts unauthorized copyrighted music and video from usually independent musicians but also mainstream ones as well. Upon my arrival at the URL, I was greeted by this:

Our Government, using its post 9-11 authority over our rights as humans to occasionally download illegal music and the occasionally gonzo porn flick every once in a blue moon porn, under the flag of “Operation In Our Sites” the authorities enlisted the help of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to shut down a dozen file-sharing and streaming sites, as well as close to 80 sites selling counterfeit goods.

Needless to say this made headlines across the Internet with people leaving comments like:

have i got this wrong but didn’t the film and record people make record amount of money and still put the prices up, it pure greed like the bankers wanting more and more.


Bastardize the message via the medium of remix and mockery . ( you know…culture….) You can take our domain names ………But you cant take our Culture ……… Culture will bite your trolling ass . ( iCE …. ask the bitten , it’s venomous )

oh and this gem:

We need to take up arms in violent revolt. You eliminate them and their heirs, put an end to this foolishness. A kind of cleansing of the ignorant.

On the majority of these domains, the authorities decided to run an anti-piracy video to honor World Intellectual Property Day, (whatever the heck that is…seriously) on the same seized web-sites. (below)

So what did this accomplish?! NOTHING! My favorite site slightly changed their URL and is now more popular than ever. I still can download music and movies at will, straight from a Google search. The music business is getting slaughtered but at least the movie biz is coming up with alternatives to instantly stream movies, but because of the studios enormous legal war chest, they can’t possibly be able to satisfy the audience’s ever increasing need for instant gratitude so movies will still be downloaded, along with video games, software programs and of course…porn.

Who knows, maybe this is a warm up to something more sinister? Or maybe I need to stop scaring my self into insomnia by watching those creepy Government conspiracy videos on YouTube..

CREDIT: I got the ideas and most of the content for my post from a Torrent Freak article.


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